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JRCT ID: jRCTs032230373

Registered date:29/09/2023

MF-001 trial

Basic Information

Recruitment status Recruiting
Health condition(s) or Problem(s) studiedFracture of forearm or hand
Date of first enrollment18/03/2024
Target sample size15
Countries of recruitment
Study typeInterventional
Intervention(s)Treatment of this study is performed using a bioabsorbable headless compression screw made of a new magnesium alloy from Japan.


Primary OutcomeAll adverse events and failures associated with this study (surgical treatment with this product)
Secondary Outcome<Safety endpoints> Presence or absence of dislocation of the fracture repair site Semi-quantitative evaluation of periscrew translucency Magnesium blood level <Efficacy endpoints:> Bone fusion achievement rate (3 months and 6 months postoperatively) Functional assessment (3 months and 6 months postoperatively) All patients; Patient-assisted functional assessments (QuickDASH score, Hand20) Forearm and carpal fracture cases; Mayo wrist score (4-item evaluation of pain, function, joint range of motion, and grip strength) Metacarpal and phalanx fracture case; %TAM (percentage of total range of motion of MP/PIP/DIP joints compared to the healthy side) TPD (tip palm distance)

Key inclusion & exclusion criteria

Age minimum>= 18age old
Age maximum< 60age old
Include criteria(1) Patients with fractures in the following areas as indicated by simple X-ray, CT and MRI images and who are indicated for fracture surgery using a headless compression screw (a) Forearm: radius and ulna (b) Hand: carpal bone (navicular bone, etc.), metacarpal bone, phalanges (2) Age at the time of consent is between 18 and 60 years old. 3) Informed consent has been obtained and sufficient understanding of the study has been obtained.
Exclude criteria1 Patients with a history of previous surgery, infection, or tumor at the surgical site 2 Patients who have participated in clinical studies of other investigational drugs or devices within 3 months of enrollment in this clinical study 3 Patients with serious hepatic or renal disease (AST (GOT) or ALT (GPT) over 200 U, serum creatinine over 2.0 mg/dL) 4 Patients with poorly controlled diabetes mellitus (HbA1c over 8%) 5 Patients with underlying diseases that clearly reduce bone formation capacity (osteoporosis, other bone metabolism diseases, dialysis, etc.) 6 Patients at high risk of infection during the perioperative period (rheumatoid arthritis patients on biologic agents, collagen disease patients taking steroids at a dose of 10 mg/day or more, etc.) 7 Women who are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant, or who are breastfeeding 8 Patients with a foreign body reaction or allergy to transplants, foreign bodies in the body (plastic cosmetic implants, metals, etc.), etc. 9 Patients who do not have the capacity to give voluntary consent or who are unable to give written consent 10 Other patients who are judged to be unsuitable as subjects by the investigators responsible for the study.

Related Information


Public contact
Name Hiroshi Noguchi
Address 2-1-1, Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Ibaraki Japan 305-8575
Telephone +81-29-853-3219
Affiliation University of Tsukuba Hospital
Scientific contact
Name Hajime Mishima
Address 2-1-1, Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Ibaraki Japan 305-8576
Telephone +81-29-853-3219
Affiliation University of Tsukuba Hospital