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JRCT ID: jRCTs032230293

Registered date:15/08/2023

Study educational opportunities and hands-on instruction for physicians at conferences and conventions.

Basic Information

Recruitment status Complete
Health condition(s) or Problem(s) studiedSenile pigmentation, lentigo lentiginosa, seborrheic keratosis
Date of first enrollment15/08/2023
Target sample size6
Countries of recruitment
Study typeOther


Primary OutcomeComprehension and satisfaction of physicians receiving practical instruction (questionnaire evaluation)
Secondary OutcomeChanges one month after laser irradiation

Key inclusion & exclusion criteria

Age minimum>= 20age old
Age maximum< 60age old
Include criteriaParticipating Doctors 1. Must be a physician attending the 41st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology 2. Must have pre-registered in advance 3. Able to follow instructions such as wearing goggles in the hands-on room subject 1. Japanese between the ages of 20 and 60 2. Patients with the following lesions on the face (a. Senile pigmentation,b. Lentigo nigricans solaris, c. Seborrheic keratosis) 3. Patients who can take care of themselves after treatment according to the doctor's instructions 4. Patients who can agree and cooperate with hospital visits before and after treatment
Exclude criteriaParticipating Doctors 1. Those deemed inappropriate by the organizer or responsible physician subject 1. Previous or suspected use of gold preparations 2. Taking drugs that are photosensitive or enhance photosensitivity 3. Has or may have a sunburn 4. Has problems with wound healing, such as keloid constitution or poorly controlled diabetes mellitus. 5. Precancerous lesions, malignancy, or suspected malignancy 6. Has a bleeding disorder 7. Is taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet medications 8. Taking vasodilators 9. Patient has the following at the treatment site (a. History of malignancy, b. History of radiation therapy, c. Gold threads have been inserted, d. Tattoos) 10. History of allergy to local anesthesia 11. Pregnancy or possible pregnancy 12. Skin type V or higher 13. Other conditions deemed inappropriate by the physician

Related Information


Public contact
Name Kao Bunsho
Address Yusimatouhou Bld.2F, 3-31-3, Yushima, Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo To, 113-0034, Japan Tokyo Japan 113-003
Telephone +81-3-5807-8241
Affiliation Tenjinshita Dermatologic Plasticsurgery
Scientific contact
Name Bunsho Kao
Address Yusimatouhou Bld.2F, 3-31-3, Yushima, Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo To, 113-0034, Japan Tokyo Japan 113-0034
Telephone +81-358078241
Affiliation Tenjinshita Dermatologic Plastic Surgery