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UMIN ID: UMIN000049039

Registered date:16/02/2024

Several evaluations for those suffering from thinning hair

Basic Information

Recruitment status Complete: follow-up complete
Health condition(s) or Problem(s) studiedN/A(healthy adults)
Date of first enrollment2022/10/20
Target sample size48
Countries of recruitmentJapan
Study typeInterventional
Intervention(s)Oral intake of test food once daily for 24 weeks Oral intake of control food once daily for 24 weeks


Primary OutcomeQuality of Life Questionnaire(0 week, 12week and 24week)
Secondary OutcomeVAS Questionnaire Measuring Hair and Scalp Condition Scalp moisturization Blood test

Key inclusion & exclusion criteria

Age minimum40years-old
Age maximum64years-old
GenderMale and Female
Include criteria
Exclude criteriaSubjects suffering from alopecia areata Subjects who are currently undergoing any kind of outpatient treatment or drug treatment Subjects with underlying medical conditions Subjects with allergies Subjects taking medications, health foods, or topical products that may affect the results of the study Subjects who have had hair transplants or plan to have hair transplants during the study period Subjects who have difficulty maintaining their lifestyle during the test period Subjects who have difficulty completing the subject logbook Subjects who is pregnant or lactating or planning to become pregnant or lactate during the study period Subjects participating in other clinical trials

Related Information


public contact
Name Takuto Yamasaki
Address 2-4-8 Yamatomachi, Shimonoseki-Shi, Yamaguchi, JAPAN Japan 750-8608
Telephone 083-267-0094
Affiliation Hayashikane Sangyo Co., Ltd. functional food division
scientific contact
Name Takashi Koikeda
Address DaiwaA Hamamatsucho Bldg. 6F, 1-9-10, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0013, JAPAN Japan
Telephone 03-5408-1590
Affiliation Shiba Palace Clinic Chair